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Jobseeking Tips

Top 10 Resources for Hong Kong Construction Specialists

Career development, the process of acquiring self-knowledge, exploring roles and working to achieve set career goals, should be an ongoing process as honing skills and building experience requires a consistent, methodical approach. Given the rapidly evolving nature of available roles for Hong Kong construction specialists, the result of rapidly advancing…

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Smart City Careers in Hong Kong

Smart City careers are pre-defined by the environmental pressures and a steadily increasing population in many urban areas, including Hong Kong. The city of the near future needs to address numerous challenges and transform itself into a Smart City built on new tech like artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet…

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Interview Tips

Gough Recruitment’s Helpful Interview Tips Preparation for the Interview: Know the exact place and time of the interview, the interviewer’s full name, the correct pronunciation of his/her title. Find out specific facts about the company – where its offices are located, what its services are, what its growth potential is…

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Resume Tips

The primary aim of your resume is to secure an interview so you can sell yourself to a prospective employer. It provides the first impression of you as a potential candidate and will no doubt be competing with many other resumes so you need to quickly and effectively capture the…

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Top Tips for Best Work from Home Experience 

Work from home is a relatively new concept and a buzzword in the world going through Covid-19 pandemic and constant lockdowns.  While the business is learning how to function remotely, employees are adjusting to their home office environments.  Whether you are an established employee in your organisation, or only looking…

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