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Recruitment Services

Gough provides a variety of recruitment services. Specialising in Property, Property Development, Real Estate and Construction recruitment, our passionate recruiters will help you find the talent who will fit with your business’ core goals.

Top Talent is a monthly email alert introducing you to Gough Recruitment’s skilled candidates.

Our aim is to provide clients with a snapshot of our current top talent and although you may not be recruiting, Gough’s TOP Talent alert provides an opportunity for you to review your staffing needs, as it keeps you informed of the best available talent current to market.

For sourcing the best available candidates for senior and specialist positions, Executive Search is the most appropriate method.

Extracting senior or specialist staff out of established business relationships and convincing them to move is not easy, so we have found that direct contact with pre-qualified prospects is the most immediate and effective way.

As a Construction, Real Estate, Property & Development recruitment agency, we have a database of pre-qualified prospects, and if the right job is offered at the right time, they will bite!

Also known as head hunting, this type of search is very similar to Executive Search but we target prospects nominated by you (our client).

Similar to Executive Search, a detailed brief is taken and a comprehensive specification is prepared before approaching identified prospects. We ask the candidates the right questions to discover if they will be the perfect fit for your company culture and the required position.

Advertised Search is a combination of Executive Search and Advertised Selection to “spread the net” through advertising, as well as targeting specific individuals in competitive or comparable organisations. Targeted approaches to pre-qualified prospects will generate interest from people not otherwise seeking employment.

Performing both selection methods simultaneously saves time and is most cost effective for you.

Advertised Selection is the most time effective method of sourcing quality candidates. This method is often used at middle to senior management levels. As the majority of applicants are active job seekers, it is vitally important to shortlist the appropriate candidates in a time and cost effective manner. Our experience allows us to map this process out for you with the best outcome.

Gough has a large database of highly skilled and experienced candidates within the Real Estate, Commercial & Retail Property, Building and Construction industries, who can be seamlessly placed within your business at times of temporary demands. They are skilled, available and ready to go, so it’s just business as usual!


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