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Hiring & Retaining Gen Z Talent

Hiring & Retaining Gen Z Talent It is undeniable that the number of Gen Z’s making up today’s talent pool is skyrocketing. It is predicted that by 2030, Gen Z employees are expected to triple, meaning the people born roughly between the years of 1995 and 2015 will make up…

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8 Real Estate Recruitment Strategies to Attract the Best Talent

8 Real Estate Recruitment Strategies to Attract the Best Talent If you work in real estate recruitment, you know how difficult it can be to find and retain talented and qualified agents. With the unemployment rate falling from 7.5% to 3.5% over the past two years, Australia’s labour market has…

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Greater Bay Area Integration to Boost Hong Kong’s Construction Sector

Hong Kong’s position as an increasingly integrated component in the GBA is opening up new and varied opportunities for the SAR’s construction sector. This is in turn creating long-term demand for skilled workers in Hong Kong’s construction sector. Though China faces pressing economic challenges and the country’s real estate market industry…

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Navigating Recruitment Challenges in Asia in 2022

By Juan Pierre Dorfling, Gough Recruitment Managing Director, Asia Talent acquisition in 2022 is proving to be challenging for a variety of reasons, and the mid-term outlook is more of the same. For companies keen to acquire talent, future-proof the hiring process and build out a stable candidate pool, getting…

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Smart City Careers in Hong Kong

Smart City careers are pre-defined by the environmental pressures and a steadily increasing population in many urban areas, including Hong Kong. The city of the near future needs to address numerous challenges and transform itself into a Smart City built on new tech like artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet…

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Careers in Sustainable Real Estate in Asia

The Sustainable Real Estate agenda is coming out of the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) held in Glasgow, Scotland. With the climate emergency climbing up the business agenda, many countries and companies are turning their attention to implementing Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) principles into their practices,…

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Hong Kong PropTech Jobs Insights and Hot Tips 

Hong Kong PropTech, which encompasses the application of technological innovations and platforms to real estate markets, is a growing part of the city’s FinTech pie. For example, the PropTech Alliance of Hong Kong was formed in 2019 by four members and it has since expanded to more than 15 across…

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Hong Kong’s Jobs Market in 2022

Around the world, eyes are turning to the near future, and what it will have in store for employers and employees alike, with many looking at Hong Kong’s jobs market. After a turbulent couple of years, several key indicators point to a vastly improved outlook. Despite health concerns, price pressures…

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Real Estate Workforce Analytics to Protect the Industry across Asia

This article looks at the latest developments in real estate workforce analytics. Read on to find out how real estate firms are boosting productivity and therefore profits with new analytics services. Recent seismic changes prompted by the global pandemic saw existing trends, such as the adoption of digital, data-led workforce…

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Recruiting during a Pandemic – a Note from Asia

A snapshot of the current trends in recruitment by Juan Dorfling, Managing Director, Asia The skills gap is widening fast and COVID-19 pandemic will force innovation in the way we attract, hire and onboard world-class talent. As global uncertainty around COVID-19 continues to accelerate, how the pandemic will impact businesses…

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