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Specialising in Real Estate, Property, Construction & Property recruitment

Hiring the right staff can be time consuming and challenging. Outsourcing your recruitment to a company that understands your industry intimately, allows you to focus on your core business whilst we find the best staff in a highly competitive market. Our Consultants specialise in Real Estate, Property, Commercial Property, Development and Construction recruitment.

Using a combination of search methods we efficiently and effectively source talent to meet your organisational culture, objectives, budget and timeline.

Our team has an acute ability to understand the culture of their clients’ business which allows them to quickly identify the key components of a role and match the right candidate.

If you’re seeking services in property, construction, real estate or property development recruitment we guarantee to provide you with:

Recruitment Services

We offer a range of recruitment services for your Property, Development, Real Estate and Construction business needs.

To help you stay on top of any potential new top talent even if you’re not recruiting, GOUGH’s Top talent alert provides you with the a-list of new skilled candidates.

At GOUGH, we have a number of different methods to attract and source new staff for your business:

Any particular candidates that you are searching for? Our highly skilled recruiters will be able to customise their service for you.

Additional Services

For our clients, we conveniently provide additional consulting services to complement the hiring process, so we can find your perfect candidate. These services include:


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