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Welcome to the first of Gough Recruitment weekly articles, designed to bring you the latest industry insights and information, tips and hints on job seeking and a wealth of other useful resources.

Stay ahead of emerging recruitment trends across the real estate, property, development, and construction sectors, with tools and tips to help employers grow their business and candidates develop their careers.

The pandemic has introduced new ways to live and do business, and there’s plenty to get fired up about, according to Gough Recruitment CEO Joel Barbuto.

So what’s happening out there at the moment?

A Great Time for Skilled-up Candidates

There’s never been a better time for well-skilled candidates in our specialty markets.

According to Joel, a sector-wide talent shortage has driven salaries up by around 10-15% over the last 15 months.

“Skilled workers are standing out and demanding more of employers,” he said.

“It’s also shortening the screening process, with many job offers made after just one interview, rather than two or three.”

Employers, Get your Skates on!

The message for employers is clear – move fast if you want to snag the very best talent.

With competitors snapping at your heels, the race is on to match the cream of the candidates with your available jobs.

And remember – in a tight labour market, candidates will be interviewing you to see if you shape up. Expect a counter-offer, too. Candidates are active rather than passive when jobs are plentiful, to win the best terms. They will play it hard.

Tip for employers: Joel recommends quick identification of top talent, along with smart follow-up to secure them. Be prepared to offer more favourable terms. Blink and you miss out, or, as Joel says, “you snooze, you lose!”


Candidates Demand Flexibility and Prospects

Two things stand out as critical priorities for candidates.

One, they want flexible and hybrid work options. Things have changed out there, and employers now have to be output-centric rather than office-bound.

Two, job seekers have a firm eye on the future. They want to be demonstrated and long-term career prospects from the company they choose.

Tip for employers: In a market where candidates have plenty of options, take extra care to sell the benefits of your business culture and career opportunities to win premium staff.

Gough Recruitment: The Future is Promising

After so many months of grim news headlines and shuttered firms, it’s comforting to see a break in the clouds.

As Joel says, relief will be incremental rather than instant. However, Gough is noting some positive trends for business growth.

Many people are relocating to regional towns, having been priced out of the property market in Sydney and Melbourne. This is giving regional areas a huge boost in jobs and spending, as well as taking pressure off Australia’s capitals.

Employees are continuing to mix home and office-based work, as lockdowns linger and hybrid working models prove effective going forward.

Workers and families are relocating to Queensland from Sydney and Melbourne – where the property is cheaper and the sun shines year-round – giving the state economy a much-needed boost.

Continuing low-interest rates mean people are putting their money in property, driving recruitment in the sector.

A big bounce-back happens when each lockdown lifts, as businesses come roaring back.


Trust Gough with your Recruitment Needs

Gough Recruitment is the largest real estate and property recruiter in Australia, placing more than 2,500 people each year in permanent positions.

With integrated offices on the ground in all major Australian capital cities, Hong Kong and Singapore, we work closely with clients to source premium talent, and with candidates to find career-opening opportunities. Stay tuned for more!

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