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Our temporary recruitment agency boasts an impressive database of highly skilled and experienced candidates across a multitude of roles.

Does your business need flexible staffing to capitalise on seasonal or cyclical opportunities? Our temporary staffing solutions offer your company flexibility and can lead you to highly skilled candidates who can be seamlessly placed within your business at times of transient demands.

Gough Recruitment is a specialist recruiter with more than thirty years of placing candidates of all backgrounds and skill sets with reputable companies in desirable contract and temporary roles. As your go-to temp agency, job seekers can rely on our team to lead you to your next short-term assignment.

Many employers in Property, Property Development, Real Estate and Construction will utilise temporary staffing to support their business operations through busy periods or on exciting new business ventures. If you are not prepared to embrace this form of employment, you run the risk of missing out on evolving your career.

Gaining experience in new industries and business cultures, developing new skills and establishing valuable business connections are all possible through a temporary staffing solution.

We help you strengthen your career prospects with contract jobs by gaining a stronger foothold in the job market while positioning you as a top candidate in your field of expertise. Moreover, our recruitment specialists possess a deep understanding of Australia’s leading business processes and staffing requirements. Rest assured, we can offer expert advice on all hiring-related questions from salary, contract length, job expectations, and so much more.

Whether you are searching for temporary or contract work in Australia, know that our specialist recruiters will help you every step of the way for your next job search.

Get in touch with our experts today to discuss your plans or question on temping in Property Development, Construction, Real Estate and more.

Find the best temporary staffing role for you

Temporary employment can be an ideal solution for a variety of job seekers. Such roles can enable someone to locate open positions fast, gain experience in an exciting new field, and make additional income. They may also allow individuals to network with influential people within the industry they wish to pursue a full-time career.

When looking for your next temp role, consider the following steps to narrow your search:

Use a temporary recruitment agency specialising in your field:

Job seekers will have greater success in landing a temporary position within their field if they work with a specialised temp agency that will take considerable time to understand their skill-set and values. Leading agencies specialise in finding temporary staffing roles best suits your needs and expertise. At Gough, our specialist recruiters are experts in property, real estate, development and construction. We also centre our hiring processes on specific geographical locations and assist job seekers in pinpointing the best temporary jobs across several fields. Compared to job hunting alone, obtaining the assistance of a specialist recruitment agency is an advantageous way to minimise pressure on yourself. Additionally, you can gain market insights within your field along the way!

Understand your salary requirements:

Whether you are looking for a role for a few weeks to a few months, we can help you calculate your ideal salary or hourly pay before you begin applying. Doing so, we can ensure that your income needs are met and you do not take up a position that does not pay within your salary requirements. We can find you the most competitive salary out there with our market research to better understand your worth.

Ensure that you understand all job requirements of your new temp job:

Before accepting your next temporary job offer, we make sure that job seekers fully comprehend the role they will be filling, the job expectations and the time length in which they will work in the position. Knowing what to expect will help you prepare for your next steps after your temporary recruitment contract ends.

What do we do for job seekers?

Gough Recruitment places a strong emphasis on local industry knowledge, resources and above all  responsiveness.

Working across permanent and temporary jobs, we successfully placed more than 2,000 candidates across Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore in the past year,boasting hundreds of 5-star reviews on Google thanks to our comprehensive recruitment services. We dive into our extensive networks of employers and businesses, take your soft skills and experience into account and match you to the best position you would be qualified for.

No matter how big or small your career goals are, our consultants will always ensure that we present temporary roles from open positions that align with your values, skill set, and long-term goals.

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