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Job Seeking Tips

The primary aim of your resume is to secure an interview so you can sell yourself to a prospective employer.
It provides a first impression of you as a potential candidate and will no doubt be competing with many other resumes so you need to quickly and effectively capture the attention of the reader, show that you have the experience and ability for the role and demonstrate the potential you have to offer the company. So, what are some key tips?

As a part of our commitment to working with you to secure your ideal position within the Real Estate, Property, Development and Construction markets, GOUGH Recruitment will assist you to polish your resume so that it does indeed, stand out from the crowd. These tips will get you off to a great start.


Gough Recruitment’s Helpful Hints!

Preparation for the Interview:

The Interview: Some do’s and dont’s concerning the interview….

Closing the Interview:

After the Interview: Last and most important, call our Consultant who referred you to the position immediately after the interview and explain what happened. They will want to talk with you before the Consultant calls the interviewer for feedback. If you are interested in progressing further it will assist if your feelings towards the position are known, together with your perception of what the client’s reaction is likely to be.