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Gough Recruitment specialises in Real Estate Recruitment, attracting the best talent and pairing them with the best employers and businesses across Australia and Asia.

We are known for being a reliable and committed recruitment agency for Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong’s most prominent real estate businesses. In the past years, Gough has organically grown through repetition and referral, which quickly propelled us to the forefront of real estate recruitment.

Gough’s Real Estate team is made up of experienced consultants and talent managers who have extensive industry and recruitment track records. Sourcing, screening, qualifying, and interviewing are just some of the steps we take when recruiting real estate professionals. This ensures that our qualified team matches our clients with the best talent that possesses both the skills and the right attitude to be successful in this industry.

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Planning to start a career in real estate? Interested in taking the next step? Looking to advance into a senior position? Or returning to the workforce after a break? Get in touch with Gough and discuss your plans and ideas. As a real estate recruitment agency, we are continually scouting new talent in the industry. If you are serious about a career in real estate, we can get you connected with the best businesses and decision makers across Australia.

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Hiring is not easy. Gough Recruitment finds the best fit for your team.

Our central goal is to identify and attract talent that can actually deliver. We honed the recruiting processes- we know how to find, identify and secure the best people that can get the job done so your business can prosper as it should. With more than 30 years of specialist recruitment in Real Estate, we have amassed hundreds and thousands of candidates in our database, all with varying levels of experience and invaluable skills to bring to your company. Combined with all the right search tools and processes in place, we can save you time, effort and money to assist with your staffing needs.

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Why Gough Recruitment

For businesses and employers

​​Our results speak for themselves

For several decades combined with genuine reviews and feedback, we have maintained long-term client relations and stellar results. We possess over 30 years of solid experience, offering industry focus and expertise that translates into an in-depth understanding of the diverse roles and skill-sets required. In the past year, we successfully placed more than 2,000 candidates across Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore, with hundreds and hundreds of 5-star reviews on Google.

We know real estate and property

Rest assured we are a team of experts in the real estate field. We do not believe in winging it- we understand the necessary certifications, and we know about the expertise and personal traits needed to succeed in the roles we recruit for. With some of our talent managers and recruitment consultants coming from a real estate background, we know what it takes to work in this demanding environment.

We keep ahead of the latest talent out there

When you are a client with Gough Recruitment, know that you are in good hands. We pore over every candidate in great detail- no shortcuts. This helps us make sure that we find an extraordinary candidate who is bound to help your business succeed. Even when you are not looking for new staff members, we are happy to keep in touch with you.

To find out more about our recruitment services for candidates and employers make sure you reach out to our friendly team. We are always happy to assist.

For jobseekers

You are not just a placement- you are a person with goals, aspirations and skills to share

You are not a job to fill, you are an individual

Our recruiters treat every candidate with confidentiality and respect. Our personable approach in recruiting real estate professionals ensures that we do everything in our power to connect you with exciting opportunities that are not only aligned with your professional goals, but with your personality and your values.

We advise you along the way

Whether you are stuck in a rut or unsure about your career goals, our experienced consultants and talent managers can help you get to where you need to be. We will work with you one-on-one to provide you with well-informed expert advice, not just on specific positions but we help bring your longer-term career goals to light.

Educate you on the market

Our consultants are experienced recruiting specialists in Real Estate, Property, Development and Construction. We can educate you on the industries’ trends, as well as the real estate and property companies out there and how they differ in terms of opportunities, training and development.

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