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How We Represent You

No matter what stage you are at in your career, finding the right job for you can be a challenge. Gough Recruitment will happily represent you and make sure your job search process is smooth and stress-free.

With so many different job opportunities in construction and real estate, knowing where to start can be a challenge. Our recruiters are highly skilled and experienced in finding the right role for you, to maximise success in your chosen career path.

Our recruiters at Gough can help you find jobs in:
We assist you in finding a role that suits you, saving your time and bringing in jobs that match your requirements.

How does Gough represent you in your job search?

From start to finish, we establish a relationship with you to determine what it is you are exactly seeking. From here you sit back and our experienced and knowledgeable staff members do all the work for you.
Every day we are in contact with a variety of Real Estate, Property, Development & Construction companies as well as within professional services across Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong who are looking for people just like you.
If we think that you are the perfect fit, we will arrange an interview and get back to you with feedback, all the while staying in contact with you until the client has made a decision.
We bring your future to you.

What are the benefits of using a specialist recruiter at Gough?

Securing your dream job be it in commercial leasing, real estate, civil construction or development on your own can be difficult. There are too many factors at play. This is where Gough can step in to represent you and add value.
From our broad networks within the industry to our knowledge of market salaries, we offer many benefits to you.
  • We can facilitate the job searching process which can mean less stress for you.
  • We conduct the job search, which saves you the trouble of going through endless job postings online.
  • We help you increase your chances of finding a suitable role, in addition to clear, honest information about your level of expertise and skillset.
  • There are no hidden costs for you!
Finally, we keep up to date with the latest trends in our specialised industry sectors. This means that we are always equipped to:
  • Advise on your career options such as transferable skills and attributes that will keep you in demand.
  • Give you a better idea of your market value.
  • Manage the salary negotiation process on your behalf if needed.

How are we different from other recruitment agencies?

We are the experts in the hiring process. When we represent you to our client, we always understand what each party is looking for. Our consultants help you understand what the employer requires. We also help you present your best self to the hiring manager to increase your chances of getting the role!
We also can present to you job listings that aren’t advertising publicly. How? We have a broad network of employers and senior professionals in the industry with who we are constantly in touch. When we are notified of a role that we know will suit your capabilities, we bring the job opening straight to you.

Start searching with us today and step closer to your dream role!

Ready to take the plunge? Get in touch with one of our Gough consultants today who can start looking for the role you have been waiting for. There are plenty of opportunities in commercial leasing, real estate, property, construction and development that are waiting for someone like you!
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