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How to Start a Career in Real Estate?

A career in real estate has plenty of benefits in Australia. As house prices continue to climb across the nation, the Australian dream of home ownership shows no signs of abating. Overseas investment in commercial real estate is also showing strong growth in 2021. While the sector is brimming with potential, lots of professionals are needed to work in this industry.

If you are only thinking to start your career in real estate, read on for a quick guide by state.

How to gain your real estate agent licence

To enter the profession, you first need to complete a recognised qualification – typically a Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice or Property Services. You can then apply for your certificate of registration and start practicing. The trick is that in each state the pathway is different and regulated by independent industry bodies.

Usually, you will need at least 12 months of full-time work experience under the supervision of a licensed real estate agent, before getting your full licence. If you decide to move and work in a different part of Australia, most states will allow you to transfer or update your existing real estate agent license, but make sure you understand what it will take beforehand.

Starting Career in Real Estate in NSW

This state requires you to obtain an Individual Agent’s Licence if you intend to offer business services as a real estate agent, property manager, stock and station agent, or buyer’s agent. After you get it done, you will be able to buy, sell, auction, let, lease and manage properties and land, including short-term accommodation, businesses and livestock.

Different qualifications will give you the option to work as an assistant agent, fully licensed agent, or licensee in charge.

Real Estate Licence in Victoria

An Estate Agent’s Licence is needed in Victoria if you want to have a career buying, selling, leasing or managing property. You will need to complete a Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice to enter the profession as an Agent’s Representative. You also must undertake supervision from a licensed real estate agent, before you can independently develop your career.

Real Estate Certification in the ACT

To start work as an entry-level agent in the Australian Capital Territory, you will need to hold a Registration Certificate or Salesperson Registration. This requires a Statement of Attainment course, gained through a registered training organisation. Once you have this, you can apply to Access Canberra for registration to work in the industry. You will initially work under Conditional Registration, progressing to full registration in around 12 months.

Queensland Licensing for Real Estate

Under a Real Estate Licence in Queensland, you can carry out all aspects of property sale, letting and management except auctioning.  This covers you for residential and business property including rural, livestock, apartment complexes and vacant land. The REIQ is a good place to start when looking for training opportunities.

Real Estate Registration in South Australia

In South Australia, Land Agent Registration is required if you want to work as a land agent or real estate agent. Entry to the profession requires the completion of a Sales Representative Registration or a Land Agent course.

Tasmanian Licence for Real Estate

Those seeking to enter a real estate profession in Tasmania will need a Real Estate Agent Licence. This can only be obtained by gaining a Diploma of Property through a registered training organisation, and completing two years of full-time experience as a property manager or property representative.

Northern Territory Licencing

In the Northern Territory, a Real Estate Agent Licence is required to start your career in real estate. You can apply for a restricted licence in one of two areas – sales functions, or property management functions. You can find information about acquiring a Diploma of Property (Agency Management) or Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice at REINT  – the major industry body for Real Estate in the Northern Territory.

Western Australia

To operate as a real estate agent in Western Australia, you will need to acquire an Individual Agent or Business Agent Licence and hold a current triennial certificate. Usually, a Diploma in Property will be required. Alternatively, you may complete a Bachelor of Commerce qualification run by the Curtin University of Technology.

As you can see, every state in Australia has its own rules and requirements for those starting their career in real estate.  And while it can take up significant time and money, the jobs market shows it is definitely worth the effort. Obtaining your licence in real estate can open up a whole new world of jobs for you, and Gough Recruitment can help you navigate the opportunities!

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