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Is Hybrid Work Here to Stay?

Hybrid work is the new buzz phrase. With businesses experimenting to find the optimum blend of office and home-based working, the sweet spot is different for every organisation. Last year, we thought that 2021 would bring us back to something approaching ‘normal’ work conditions. Yet with Covid lockdowns continuing, it…

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Top 7 Skills for Real Estate Professionals

What are the top skills for Real Estate professionals? We asked our Recruitment Consultants and Talent Managers across Australia about it, and now can share the insights we got. With the real estate market booming in Australia despite COVID restrictions and lockdowns, a lot of people choose to join this…

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Welcome to GOUGH Recruitment Blog

Welcome to the first of Gough Recruitment weekly articles, designed to bring you the latest industry insights and information, tips and hints on job seeking and a wealth of other useful resources. Stay ahead of emerging recruitment trends across the real estate, property, development, and construction sectors, with tools and…

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6 Ways to Care for Staff During Pandemic Restrictions 

You have a responsibility to care for your employees during the pandemic. Yet how do you manage an ever-changing parade of rules, safety measures and workplace requirements?  Our six-point guide can help you keep your workers safe and well during the toughest of times.    Keep your COVIDSafe plan shipshape …

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Recruiting during a Pandemic – a Note from Asia

A snapshot of the current trends in recruitment by Juan Dorfling, Managing Director, Asia The skills gap is widening fast and COVID-19 pandemic will force innovation in the way we attract, hire and onboard world-class talent. As global uncertainty around COVID-19 continues to accelerate, how the pandemic will impact businesses…

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