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6 Lesser Known Facts About Resumes

Are you a job seeker and anxious that has yet to receive callbacks from recruiters and companies that you have applied for? If so, there are two possible reasons why: 

You are either not qualified enough for the role. Secondly, even if you are an ideal candidate, your resume might not be attractive enough in the recruiter's eyes.

As a job seeker, ask yourself this important question; "How can I be more appealing as a job candidate?"

While the end-goal is different for everyone, re-strategising your application process is the key to transforming you from an afterthought to the most qualified applicant in the pool.

Here are Gough Recruitment's lesser known resume facts to assist you in crafting a winning resume.


An informal email address can turn off recruiters

No matter which industry you wish to excel in, resumes are single-handedly the most crucial document when it comes to your professional development. Your email address is the third most important piece of information on your resume. It is your first point of contact between candidate and recruiter. In fact, most hiring managers will reject resumes with poorly worded email addresses. For example, forgo the "" and use something more formal. If possible, opt for the conventional formula:, or a variation of your first name if you share a similar name with  another candidate. 

Soft-skills take a stand

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequent "Great Australian Reshuffle", hiring managers are placing greater emphasis on the soft skills section to help them assess which candidates qualify for their job openings. Do not short change your fantastic communication skills and willingness to collaborate. and listen to others. List your soft skills in a separate core competencies section to make these indispensable traits stand out. Always double-check that your soft skills align with the target role that you are applying for.

Candidate's only have an average of 6 seconds to capture a hiring manager's attention

Another lesser known resume fact is that it takes recruiters up to 5 to 7 seconds on average to assess an applicant's resume. This is why it is integral to build a resume that immediately leaps out from the competition. While you might be the most qualified applicant out there, chances are, you may not even make the cut. According to CareerBuilder's insights, job recruiters will most likely reject a candidate’s resume if it exhibits the following: 

  • Impersonal applications (no hiring manager’s name): 84%
  • No thank-you note after the interview: 57%.
  • Resumes are not customised and tailored to the role on offer: 54%.
  • No cover letter: 45%.
  • No follow up with the employer after the interview: 37%.

Resume bullet points have an essential structure

While this may seem like one of the many basic fundamentals of resume writing, it is often overlooked by job applicants. Making adjustments to the way you format your job descriptions and personal information may in fact increase your chances of landing a job interview.

Every single bullet point from your listed job titles should have 3 components;

  • Transferable Skills: such as time management and conflict resolution.

  • Results: people's eyes will always stop at numbers, therefore each bullet point should end with a quantifiable result.

  • Technical Expertise: Not only will technical expertise tie your transferable skills and results together, but it will provide recruiters a clearer picture of your current capabilities as a possible candidate.

Use this structure to clearly outline the job skills that best demonstrate your knowledge of the industry you have applied for. 

Large companies go straight to the critical detailslarge

While it is true that not everything on your resume matters to recruiters, they will most certainly review the following resume sections below according to CareerBuilder. Here is a list of percentages in terms of order of importance on a resume format for hiring managers:

  • Tailored resumes for open positions: 63%
  • Skill sets that are listed first on a resume: 41%
  • Resumes sent with the addition of a cover letters: 40%
  • Applications addressed to the hiring manager instead of the company: 22%
  • Links to personal blogs portfolios and websites: 16%

In today's day and age, a candidate's resume will always be filtered through the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Our final fun fact on resumes. According to a study from CIO, 75% of companies are now utilising ATS to filter desirable candidates. Therefore, it may be beneficial to learn how this tracking system works to optimise your resume appropriately. ATS can in fact eliminate over three-quarters of applicants. If you are a job seeker, you should no longer rely on standard resume templates that you find online. Instead, learn how you can win over ATS.

We understand job searching can be daunting, no matter your work experience. This is why our specialist recruiters at Gough Recruitment aim to be your partners when it comes to finding the best long-term or temporary roles in property, development and construction and real estate that meet your skill set.

Whatever stage of your job search, feel rest assured the Gough Recruitment team can help you advance your career. Get in touch today.

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