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Jobseeking Tips

Today’s Hot Jobs in Real Estate

2021 was going to be the year that saved us. We just didn’t anticipate ongoing lockdowns across Australia’s major population centres! However, there’s good news for the nation’s real estate market and recruitment within it. It looks set to continue its surge for the rest of the year and well…

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Is Hybrid Work Here to Stay?

Hybrid work is the new buzz phrase. With businesses experimenting to find the optimum blend of office and home-based working, the sweet spot is different for every organisation. Last year, we thought that 2021 would bring us back to something approaching ‘normal’ work conditions. Yet with Covid lockdowns continuing, it…

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Top 7 Skills for Real Estate Professionals

What are the top skills for Real Estate professionals? We asked our Recruitment Consultants and Talent Managers across Australia about it, and now can share the insights we got. With the real estate market booming in Australia despite COVID restrictions and lockdowns, a lot of people choose to join this…

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