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10 Free Resources for Real Estate Professionals

Whether you are just starting your career in real estate or you have years of experience in this area, it is always useful to have a range of resources at your fingertips. The right information can help you make better decisions, navigate the ever-changing world or Australian property market easier and quicker. This is why we decided to compile a list of 10 free resources for real estate professionals. Have a look at the suggestions below and bookmark the sites you haven’t used before. You will be able to get up-to-date industry news, insights and opinions across statistics and trends, sales and marketing, regulations and laws.

  1. Microburbs

This website allows you to blend your own real estate data with Microburbs statistics, for a deeper dive into zoning, commute times, crime levels, and school demographics.

This free resource is quick and easy to use. It also offers data reports on internet availability and speeds, local eateries, and general convenience.

  1. SQM Research

Choose from a mix of free and paid data resources across the property sector.

Data is available across the spectrum including vacancy rates, postcode performance, auctions, sales, and rental listings, area demographics, and chart data.

  1. Michael Yardney podcast

The regular property update from Michael Yardney is always good value, giving you a broader view of the real estate industry in Australia.

Browse the latest property information on the website or download his real estate podcast via Google Play or the App Store (follow home page links).

  1. High Performance podcast

Josh Phegan’s website is a great starting point for some information-packed podcasts. Catch the weekly 10-minute High Performance podcast, where Josh interviews one of Australia’s top-ranked agents, Alexander Phillips.

Also gain access to the Black and White interview, featuring an engaging one-on-one Phillips conversation – with fascinating insights into his meteoric career rise.

  1. REB (Real Estate Business)

You can’t go past the REB for an extensive range of general property news and resources.

Find a blend of industry news, statistics, interviews with real estate agents, and buyer preferences and demographics. Learn about growth areas, sales and marketing tips, and the latest real estate technology.

  1. The Real Estate Conversation

There’s plenty of nitty-gritty detail on this website, with current news, a daily newsletter, and valuable data on residential and commercial real estate.

Drill down into economic and market forces, understand politics and compliance issues, or check out the construction and design awards.

  1. Property Council of Australia (PCA)

The PCA is Australia’s major industry body and a great go-to website for industry news and views. Check out news, events, training opportunities, research and other industry insights.

As the leading advocate for property – the nation’s biggest industry and employer – the PCA represents interests from across the real estate and property sector.

  1. Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA)

The professional body for Australia’s real estate sector, the REIA provides research, facts and opinions across the industry.

The body’s contact page also gives links to the institute for every state and territory in Australia, ensuring you get the right information for your particular location.

  1. Domain

Domain is a tried and trusted industry resource, servicing all or real estate, whether you want to buy, sell or lease.

Browse information relating to industry news, lending and insurance, latest research figures and extensive listings for urban dwellings, rural properties and vacant land.

  1. works as an alternative to Domain, with an equivalent range of news, industry resources and property for sale and rent. is the brand’s site for all things industrial, retail and commercial, including office space and hotels.

With these great free resources for real estate professionals, you will always be on top of your game, and you have already won if you know that for Real Estate jobs you can rely on the Gough Recruitment website and social accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram!  Being informed is essential for success as a real estate agent. Just remember, it’s always wise to do your research and verify any information you find on external websites. Happy browsing!

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